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News | September 6, 2022

McKnight’s Bridge to Profitability


The Bridge to Profitability: Five Reasons Successful Operators Use Bridge Loans

On the heels of a pandemic, coupled with inflation and pundits predicting an impending recession, Wilshire Finance Partners’ CEO Don Pelgrim writes about how short-term capital, or bridge loans, can prove invaluable in meeting business goals.  In his guest column for leading seniors housing industry publication McKnight’s Senior Living, “The Bridge to Profitability: Five Reasons Successful Operators Use Bridge Loans,” he shares several ways bridge loans can be leveraged during an environment of economic uncertainty.

“The goal of any transaction is to enhance operations, occupancy, and revenue—whether that is looking to refresh and rebrand an existing community or create acuity-level transitions within an existing building’s footprint,” Don writes. “In the search for post-pandemic profitability in an environment of economic uncertainty, access to short-term lending is an imperative tool in your financial toolkit that creates options for success.”

Read more about Don’s five tips here

Explore Wilshire’s senior housing bridge lending program here.  

Wilshire Finance Partners is a real estate finance and investment company specializing in bridge loans and capital solutions for senior living and healthcare from $1 million to $10 million nationwide.

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