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Recent Second Lien Transactions

2Asset 1

Loan Amount: $500,000
Purpose: Refinance
Lien Position: Second
Closing Time: 28 Days

First: $1,235,000

A good customer of the bank faced a maturity date on their existing loan. However, the refinancing request exceeded the bank’s loan-to-value threshold. Working with the banker, Wilshire funded into a combined loan facility consisting of a new first loan made by the bank with an accelerated amortization schedule and a new interest-only second loan made by Wilshire. Accelerating the amortization on the first loan would reduce the combined loan to meet the bank’s LTV threshold for a new loan by the bank in 18 months.

2Asset 2

Loan Amount: $520,000
Purpose: Cash Out Refinance
Lien Position: Second
Closing Time: 10 Days

First: $2,600,000

The purpose of the loan was to facilitate the restricting of the capital stack through a new first and second mortgage.  In addition to paying off the prior debt, a portion of the proceeds was used to buy-out an equity partner in the transaction. 

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