New Closed Bridge Loan $990,000


Loan Type: Bridge Loan Loan Amount: $990,000
Loan Term: 3 Year Loan to Value: 75%
Canton 1


Canton, Mississippi

An experienced real estate investor identified a distressed multifamily property and needed to move quickly. However, in addition to the property’s age and high vacancy, the property was poorly maintained and had recent water damage. The borrower also needed to maximize their use of leverage to close the transaction.

Consisting of 8 separate buildings, the property was well situated near the main arteries of Jackson, Mississippi. There was also the opportunity to convert the property to HUD-subsidized senior housing, which created a realistic upside potential and a viable exit strategy.

Applying our understanding of HUD Use Agreements and transaction structuring, Wilshire was able to work with the borrower’s HUD counsel and a mezzanine lender to address the various issues related to the HUD Use Agreement, the intercreditor agreement, and the capital improvements and repairs required.

Wilshire’s knowledge and experience resulted in additional speed, flexibility, and certainty for this 3-week closing.

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