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Bridge & Permanent Financing Solutions

Founded in 2008, Wilshire Finance Partners is a real estate finance and investment company delivering debt, equity, and advisory solutions to owners and operators of seniors housing and healthcare real estate across the country. As a fund manager and portfolio lender, Wilshire’s internal funding platform delivers fast, efficient, and flexible bridge loans and capital solutions from $1 million to $10 million.

Our team leverages our comprehensive understanding of the seniors housing and healthcare real estate market to provide customized financing solutions, in-house underwriting, and certainty of execution for strong owners and operators. In addition to our short-term capital solutions, Wilshire also provides a host of permanent financing options through our strategic relationships.


Transaction Types

Strategic acquisitions are part of an acquisition strategy to purchase another property because the combined properties or the consolidation of the properties becomes more profitable together than alone (i.e., an assisted living owner acquires another facility to gain economies of scale and enhance revenue). 

A core plus investment is synonymous with growth and income. The property itself is of high-quality and well occupied. Core plus property owners/operators can increase cash flows through light property improvements, management efficiencies, or increasing the occupant types.

An acquisition involving a facility that may have poor occupancy and little cash flow at acquisition, but strong upside potential once the issues are addressed by the buyer (i.e., value-added to the facility or business model). 

Opportunistic acquisitions are marketplace opportunities that have certain challenges, but also tremendous potential for the right operator and management team. To be successful, an experienced owner or operator must helm an opportunistic acquisition with a talented in-market management team to make the turnaround possible. Once changes are made, cash flow increases.

Repurposing and repositioning a property for another intended use (e.g. conversion of another property type into seniors housing, multifamily or commercial).

Increasing or decreasing the licensed bed count in an assisted living facility or changing the bed count between assisted living and memory care units.

A cash-out refinance is a mortgage-refinancing option that lets you convert real estate equity into cash. A new mortgage is taken out for more than your previous mortgage balance and the difference is paid to you in cash.   

A rate-and-term refinance changes the interest rate, the term—or both the rate and the term—of an existing mortgage without advancing any new money.   

Growth equity (also known as growth capital or expansion capital) is a type of investment opportunity in relatively mature companies that experiencing a transformational event with the potential for dramatic growth.

Reorganizing the borrowing entity’s debt and equity capital structure to reduce costs and/or release equity, including, releasing equity to the borrower for other acquisitions or prior to an agency refinance.

Monetizing non-core assets can simply increase cash flow, decrease debt, and apply management resources to more critical operations.

Eligible Properties

  • Independent living
  • Active adult communities
  • Assisted living
  • Continuing care communities
  • Medical office buildings
  • Commercial real estate
  • Multifamily
  • Residential
  • Student Housing

Financing Products

  • First lien debt
  • Second lien or junior secured debt
  • Mezzanine debt
  • Stretch senior debt
  • Participating debt / Hybrid equity

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Wilshire offers strategic capital solutions backed by a deep industry knowledge.

Dana S, President, Owner Operator
Assisted Living Facility

We couldn't have done it without Wilshire. They've been instrumental in the growth and success of our business.

Justin T, President, Owner Operator
Assisted Living Facility

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